Leadheads can help you get more out of your fishing trips. These small but powerful weights are essential for any serious angler. Let's take a closer look at what these accessories are and why they are essential for offering your shad at the depth where the fish are.

What are leadheads?

Leadheads are small hooks fitted with a piece of lead and attached to the head of the fishing line. Thanks to their unique flat-bottom design, they glide effortlessly through the water, keeping your bait at the desired depth. This makes them extremely effective in various fishing methods.

Fishing in deep water

Imagine being on the hunt for those big guys swimming deep below the surface. This is where leadheads come in handy. Because of their weight, they help your bait sink down quickly, right to where the big fish are.

The 'diagonal' technique

Another technique that many anglers like to use is the so-called 'diagonal' technique. Here you let your bait bounce across the bottom of the water, giving the impression of prey on the run. So here you fish away from the boat and retrieve your bait over the bottom and hence the name diagonals. Leadheads are perfect for this method because they keep your bait nicely on the bottom as you slowly reel it in.

Vertical jigging for attracting predatory fish

For those who are fond of catching predatory fish, vertical jigging is a popular technique. Leadheads allow you to drop your bait straight down and then quickly pull it back up, giving the impression of prey swimming away in a panic. This is a great way to attract predatory fish such as perch, pike and zander.


Leadheads are also called "jig heads" and this has everything to do with the fishing technique they are used for. This is because during jigging, fishing is done from the bottom and the bait is reeled in rhythmically along the bottom. This attracts the attention of large trout and other predatory fish looking for a tasty bite.

Mounting leadheads

Proper mounting of these accessories is a crucial step for a successful fishing experience. Start by selecting the right size lead head to match the size of your bait and the depth at which you want to fish. Next, slide the lead head over the hook and make sure it is firmly in place. Some anglers prefer to add a small piece of plastic bait to the hook before attaching the lead head, which can provide additional attraction. Finally, make sure the lead head is mounted evenly and stably on the hook so that the bait moves naturally in the water and is attractive to the fish. With the right mounting, you can go out on the water with confidence, knowing you are well prepared to bring in that big catch.

Cast your rod further out

Another important advantage of using leadheads is the ability to cast them over long distances. This offers significant advantages while fishing. By finding the right balance between the power of your cast and the weight of the lead head, you can place your bait exactly where the fish are active. Throws that are too powerful create too long a distance, while throws that are too weak limit the range. By consistently practicing and perfecting your casting technique, you can increase your ability to cast further, allowing you to fish more effectively and achieve greater success on the water.

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Time to fish

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