PVA Bags


PVA Bags

If you're an avid angler, you've probably heard of PVA bags. These little miracles can make the difference between a good and a great fishing day. At FlohPro we have a wide range of that will take your fishing experience to the next level. Explore our assortment immediately or contact us with any questions.

What are PVA bags?

PVA stands for "Polyvinyl Alcohol," a water-soluble material often used in fishing. PVA bags are small bags made of this material and they dissolve as soon as they come into contact with water. This makes them ideal for fishing because you can fill them with bait or feed and then throw them into the water. Once the PVA bag dissolves, the feed is spread evenly around your hook, increasing your chances of catching a fish.

Why use PVA bags?

PVA bags add value to any angler. They allow you to get your bait exactly where you want it, without the hassle of loose feed balls being carried away by the current. Because the bait is spread exactly around your hook, you increase the chances of fish baiting near your hook. Plus, PVA bags dissolve completely in water and leave no residue, which is better for the environment. You can fill them with different types of bait and feed, from boilies to pellets and even liquid bait, making them incredibly versatile.

How to get started.

Using PVA bags is simple. You fill the pouch with your chosen bait or feed, making sure it is not too wet, as this can cause the pouch to dissolve prematurely. Then you seal the pouch tightly. Some anglers use a piece of PVA tape or a special closure to make sure the bait stays well packed. Next, you attach the PVA pouch to your hook or bottom line and make sure it's secure so it won't come loose while casting. Finally, cast out your line as you normally would and wait for the PVA pouch to dissolve and release the bait.

Explore our product range

At FlohPro, we understand how important quality equipment is for a successful fishing trip. That's why we have a wide selection available, suitable for all kinds of fish and baits. Whether you are fishing for carp or bream, for example, we have the right bags of PVA for you. Our bags of PVA are of high quality and dissolve quickly and completely in water, so you don't have to worry about residue left behind. Moreover, they are available in different sizes, so you always have the right size for your bait and feed.

Important points

When you go to buy PVA bags, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Choose the right size bags for your bait and feed. Pouches that are too large can be difficult to cast, while pouches that are too small may not hold enough feed. Make sure you choose high-quality PVA bags that dissolve quickly and completely. At FlohPro, you are assured of top quality products. Compare prices and choose a good balance between quality and cost.

Increase your fishing chances

PVA bags are an indispensable tool for any angler who wants to increase his chances of catching. They are efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use. At FlohPro you will find a wide range of high quality pVA bags, perfect for any fishing trip. So what are you waiting for? Visit our online store and discover how PVA bags can enhance your fishing experience.

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