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An essential item that should not be missing from your fishing kit is gauge lead. As an avid fisherman, you know how important it is to have the right equipment. At FlohPro, you'll find an extensive selection that perfectly suits all your fishing needs. But what exactly is sounding board and why is it so crucial for your fishing sessions? We'd like to tell you more.

What is a lead?

Plumb is a small but very important tool used to adjust the proper depth of the float. This not only helps you determine where to place your bait, but also to apply the proper fishing technique. Proper use can make the difference between a successful catch or a day without a bite.

Different kinds of lead

At FlohPro, you can choose from several different types of sounding leads, each designed for specific situations and fishing conditions. Whether you are looking for a heavier lead for deep water or a lighter model for shallow streams, you will find it within our assortment. Each type of lead in our range is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability.


Use is quite simple, but requires some practice to achieve perfection. Start by attaching the lead to your fishing line. Then lower your line with the lead into the water until it hits the bottom. When the float disappears underwater it will need to be adjusted deeper. Does the float go flat during bottom presentation of your bait? Even then you will need to adjust it deeper.

Useful tips

A good tip when using lead is to consider different bottom conditions. In muddy bottoms, for example, the lead may sink deeper, giving a distorted view of the actual depth. In such cases, consider using a lighter gauge lead or attaching the lead higher on your line.

Indispensable for every angler

Plumb is also ideal for the novice angler. It not only helps you measure depth, but also provides insight into the bottom structure of the fishing water. The response you feel on the line allows you to determine whether the bottom is soft or hard, which is essential information for choosing the right fishing strategy.

In addition to the practical aspect of measuring depth, this lead also helps you position your bait exactly where you want it in the water. This is especially important when fishing for specific species of fish at certain depths. With the right lead, you are always assured of the most accurate and effective bait presentation.

Choose quality and reliability at FlohPro

We guarantee quality and customer satisfaction. The products within our range are not only reliable, but also offered at competitive prices. Moreover, with us you benefit from excellent customer service and fast delivery.

Do not wait any longer and discover our product range. Then order the best lead for every fishing style and situation in no time.

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