Pike nets


Are you looking for a reliable landing net for pike? Then you've come to the right place at FlohPro! Pike fishing can be an exciting activity, and with the right landing net you will significantly increase your chances of a successful catch. Let's take a look at what a pike landing net entails and how best to use it.

Why use a specific landing net for pike?

First of all, why is a specific landing net for pike fishing so important? Pike are a large predatory fish that often struggle quite a bit. A standard fishing net is usually not strong enough to safely land a large, struggling pike. A pike landing net is therefore sturdier and often larger than average nets, designed to withstand the weight and force of the fish without tearing the net or damaging the fish.

The pike landing nets you can find at FlohPro are equipped with a deep, sturdy bag and a robust frame. The nets are often made of fish-friendly material, meaning it is designed to protect the fish's mucus layer. This is essential for the well-being of the pike, especially if you plan to release the fish after the catch.

How to use it

Use your pike landing net properly to get the best results. When you have a pike on the line, it is important to take the fight out of the fish before using the net. An overly active pike can jump into the net and damage itself or the net. Gently bring the fish to shore and gently guide it into the net. Using a landing net for pike fishing also helps to land the fish quickly and effectively, minimizing stress to the fish.

Choose the right landing net for pike

At FlohPro you will find different types of landing nets for pike. Whether you prefer a net with a telescoping handle for easy storage or an aluminum frame for added durability, there is a pike fishing landing net to suit your needs. Many of these nets also have a folding mechanism, making them easy to transport on the boat or along the waterfront.

Choosing the right pike landing net from FlohPro depends on your personal preferences and specific fishing conditions. Consider the length of the handle, the size of the net and the type of material. A longer handle may be useful for fishing from shore or a high boat, while a heavier and more durable net is better for frequent anglers expecting big pike.

Custom advice

In addition to the physical aspects of the pike landing net, FlohPro also offers excellent customer service and advice. If you are unsure which net is best for your fishing style, don't hesitate to contact FlohPro's customer service team. They can provide you with expert advice and tips on using your landing net for pike fishing.

A pike fishing landing net is an essential tool for any pike angler. It not only helps land fish safely and effectively, but also protects the health of pike for future generations of anglers to enjoy. Take a look at FlohPro for a wide range of pike landing nets that are both durable and functional. With the right landing net for pike, you'll be ready for a successful day of fishing.

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