Throwing Stick


Throwing Stick

With a casting pipe, it becomes possible to take your casts to the next level. At FlohPro you will find an excellent selection that will significantly enhance your fishing experience. We would love to introduce you to this fishing gear, so be sure to read on for more information. Of course, it is also always possible to contact our customer service team for tailored advice.

What is a casting pipe?

A casting pipe is an elongated, hollow tool specially designed to throw bait, such as boilies, far and accurately into the water. This tool is mainly used by carp anglers, but can also be useful for other fishing techniques where it is important to get your bait to a specific spot. By using these accessories, you can cast your bait further and more precisely than by hand, increasing your chances of a good catch.

Why use a throwing pipe?

There are several advantages to using a throwing pipe. First, it helps you get your bait into the water at long distances without having to go into the water yourself or overloading your casting rod. This is especially useful when fishing larger waters where the fish often swim farther from shore. In addition, these pipes allow you to place your bait much more precisely, which is essential when fishing shy carp that only show themselves in a few specific spots.

How it works.

A casting pipe works very simply. You fill the pipe with your bait, for example boilies, and by making a swinging motion with your arm, the bait swings out of the pipe and into the water. The shape gives the bait considerable speed and you can easily reach greater distances. It may take some practice to master the technique, but once you get the hang of it, you won't want to live without it.

Different types of throwing pipes

At FlohPro you can choose from different types of throwing pipes. For example, there are varieties made of various materials such as plastic or polycarbonate. Plastic pipes are light and easy to use, while polycarbonate varieties are sturdier and suitable for larger boilies. Moreover, you can choose from different lengths and diameters depending on the size of your bait and the distance you want to achieve.

Tips for use

Practice your technique: As with any fishing technique, using a casting pipe takes some practice. Start with short distances and gradually work up to longer distances.
Use suitable bait: Not every type of bait is suitable for these accessories. Boilies, however, are ideal because of their shape and weight. Make sure your boilies are sturdy enough to withstand the force of the cast.
Keep in mind the wind: The wind can have a big impact on the precision of your cast. Always try to cast against the wind for the best control.

Why choose FlohPro?

FlohPro offers not only a wide range of casting pipes, but also expert advice and excellent customer service. Whether you are a novice angler or a seasoned pro, at FlohPro you will find the pitching pipe that fits your fishing style perfectly. Plus, you'll benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery so you can get started with your new purchase quickly.

Get your bait in the right position

A casting pipe is an indispensable tool for any serious angler who wants to get his bait in the right place. Whether you are fishing for carp or other types of fish, this accessory will significantly increase your chances of a good catch. So what are you waiting for? Discover right away the perfect casting pipe for your next fishing adventure.

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