Braided pike line


Looking for the perfect braided line for pike? Look no further, because FlohPro has just what you need to hook those big boys. We'd like to tell you why these lines are a must-have for any serious pike angler.

What is a braided line?

First, let's take a look at what a these lines actually are. Unlike traditional monofilament lines, braided lines are composed of several thin fibers braided together, making them stronger and more durable. This makes them perfect for different types of fishing techniques.

Why use a braided line for pike?

Why specifically should you use a braided line for pike? Well, let's take a closer look at the benefits. First, these lines offer incredible pulling power, which is essential when catching big pike. These lines can easily handle the force of a struggling pike, giving you a better chance of landing the fish safely.

Another advantage of braided lines is their minimal stretch. Unlike monofilament lines, which stretch when a fish is hooked, these lines offer instant and sensitive bite registration. This means that you feel every pike bite immediately, allowing you to react faster and increasing the chances of a successful catch.

Durability and abrasion resistance

Braided lines are also highly abrasion resistant, meaning they can withstand the harsh environments pike anglers often face, such as rocky shores and dense waters. With a braided line for pike, you won't have to worry about damage from sharp objects or rubbing against underwater structures.

How do you use a braided line for pike?

Now that you know the benefits of these lines, you may be wondering how best to use them when pike fishing. First, it is important to choose the right thickness of braided line and always match it or the fishing method you wish to use.

In addition, it is important to use the right knot to attach your lures to the braided line. A sturdy and reliable knot, such as the Palomar knot or the Improved Clinch knot, will ensure that your bait remains secure, even during the battle with a strong pike.

Maintenance and inspection

Remember to regularly check your braided line for wear and damage. Although these lines are very durable, it is still important to maintain them properly to ensure optimal performance. A quick inspection before each fishing day can prevent many woes and ensure that you are always ready for action.

Order online today

Upgrade your fishing equipment today with a high-quality braided line for pike and prepare for epic catches. Combining strength, sensitivity and durability, these lines are the perfect companion for any pike angler. Order your braided line for pike today and get ready to brave the waters like never before.

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