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If you are looking for a specific type of lead for your fishing activities, then inline lead is an excellent choice for you. But what exactly is this lead and what do you use it for? Here we would like to tell you more about it.

What is inline lead?

Inline lead is a type of fishing lead specifically designed to be mounted directly on the line. This means that the lead has a central bore, allowing your fishing line to run through it. The main advantage of inline fishing lead is that it allows for a very streamlined mounting, which is ideal for long distance casting and for situations where you need a subtle presentation of your bait.

Advantages of inline lead

One of the biggest advantages of using inline lead is the direct connection to your rod tip. Because the lead is mounted on the line and does not pivot during casting like a swivel lead system, you feel every tap and movement more directly. This provides increased sensitivity and improves your chances of detecting bites quickly and effectively.

In addition, inline fishing lead offers an aerodynamic advantage, allowing you to cast farther and more accurately. This is especially useful in conditions where precision and distance are crucial, such as when carp fishing on large lakes or rivers.

What do you use this lead for?

Inline lead is mainly used by carp anglers, but it is also popular when fishing for other bottom fish such as barbel and catfish. Its streamlined shape and ability to mount the lead directly on the line make it perfect for fishing in waters with lots of vegetation or obstacles. It reduces the chance of hooking and keeps your bait attractively presented to the fish.

At FlohPro, you'll find inline fishing lead in a variety of weights and sizes, so there's always an option to suit your specific fishing conditions. Whether you need a lighter lead for fishing a small lake or a heavier lead for strong currents, at FlohPro you can find the right inline lead to optimize your fishing experience.

Tips for use

Choose the right weight: Depending on the distance you want to cast and the current in the water, choose the weight of your inline lead. Too heavy a lead can cause the mount to sink too deeply into water, while too light a lead will not reach the desired distance.
Test the mount: Before you go fishing, it's a good idea to test your mount at home. You can do this by checking the lead for hooking. This will help you find out how secure the bait is should a line break.
Regular inspection: Make sure you regularly inspect your inline fishing lead for signs of wear or damage related to obstacles or, for example, triangle mussels. A good quality lead not only makes for a more effective and safe fishing experience, but also helps prevent unexpected breakages while fishing. By performing regular inspections, you extend the life of the lead and reduce the need to purchase new lead frequently.

Why buy inline fishing lead from FlohPro?

At FlohPro, you are assured of quality and reliability. The inline lead within our range is manufactured with precision and care and is designed to enhance your fishing experience. Plus, our customer service team is always ready to help you choose the right product and answer all your questions.

Whether you are a novice angler or an experienced professional, inline fishing leads can help you refine your technique and increase your success on the water. Explore the variety of options we offer to optimize your fishing sessions. Get your inline lead from FlohPro today and get ready for a successful fishing day!

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