Ready made float rigs


If you're looking forward to some nice and carefree fishing, then ready-made fishing gear sets are really for you. These handy sets are perfect for beginners and experienced anglers looking for convenience and efficiency. A fishing tackle set, also called a rig set, is basically a complete fishing line with everything on it: a float, lead and a hook. The great thing is that these are all already perfectly matched and fitted together, so you don't have to waste time putting together your gear. You simply tie the rig to your rod and you're ready to go!

Why choose ready-made fishing rigs?

Using fishing harnesses makes fishing a lot easier and more fun. You don't have to fiddle with loose parts and can fully concentrate on catching those big fish. Plus, these rigs are designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, so you're more likely to be successful on the waterfront.

The offer of FlohPro

At FlohPro, you'll find a wide range of ready-made fishing rigs that are perfect for all kinds of fishing adventures. Whether you are planning to spend a quiet day on the waterfront or participate in an exciting fishing competition, there is always a fishing gear to suit your needs.

Convenience and efficiency

You may be wondering why you should opt for ready-made fishing gear instead of putting together your own. The answer is simple: convenience and time savings. With a ready-made rig, you don't have to waste time selecting the right parts and assembling them. You can get started right away and enjoy fishing. Moreover, the rigs within our range are carefully assembled, so you can be confident that they are of high quality and perform well on the waterfront.

Catch more fish

Another advantage of using fishing rigs is that they can help you catch more fish. Because the components are perfectly matched, the rig is optimally leaded and balanced, resulting in a better presentation of your bait and a higher probability of bites. In addition, the hooks are sharp and sturdy, so you can land even the biggest fish without worrying about the hook coming loose.

Durability and reliability

Whether you go fishing on a quiet lake, a babbling brook or a sparkling river, the fishing rigs are always a good choice. They are durable, reliable and easy to use, making them ideal for novice and experienced anglers alike.

So what are you waiting for? Order your ready-made fishing rigs today and get out there.

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