Boilie crusher


Boilie crusher

A boilie crusher is a device that allows you to crush hard boilies into smaller particles. These particles can then be used as ground feed or as an additive to your lure. The idea behind crushing boilies is simple: it allows for a quicker dispersal of odors and flavors in the water, thus attracting fish to your swim faster.

Why use a boilie crusher?

You may be wondering why you can't just use whole boilies. The answer lies in the way carp do. After all, carp love small, scattered food particles. By crushing your boilies, you create an attractive feeding trail of small pieces that slowly sink to the bottom. This causes carp to stay on your site longer looking for food, which significantly increases your chances of a catch.

Benefits of a boilie crusher

Using a boilie crusher has many advantages. With a boilie crusher you can use your feed much more efficiently. You can determine exactly how much you want to feed and in what form, which means you waste less feed. Depending on water temperature, fish behavior and the presence of other anglers, you can quickly adjust your feeding strategy by crushing boilies. A boilie crusher is not only useful for boilies. You can also use it to crush pellets, tiger nuts and other hard baits.

How to use it

Using a boilie crusher is very simple. You simply put your boilies in the crusher, close it and turn the handle. Within seconds you will have perfectly crushed boilies, ready for use.

Crushing tips

There are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your boilie crusher. For example, use fresh boilies, as they are often easier to crush than older, dried-out boilies. If you do want to use old boilies, soak them briefly in water to soften them up a bit. Also, experiment with different types of boilies. By combining different flavors and colors, you create an even more attractive food. Also make sure not to add too many boilies to the crusher at once. Small portions work better and prevent the crusher from jamming.

The benefits of crushed boilies

Crushed boilies are ideal as an addition to your groundbait. They provide an attractive scent and taste dispersal in the water, attracting fish to your swim faster. In addition, you can use crushed boilies in PVA bags or method feeders for an accurate feed delivery close to your hookbait.

Indispensable for every angler

A crusher for boilies is an indispensable tool for any serious (carp) angler. It helps you optimize your feeding strategy and catch more fish. At FlohPro we have a boilie crusher that meets all your needs, so discover it online immediately.

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